Nikologiannis: “Developments with midfielders and right backs in the next 15 days – This applies to Lingr”


In the transfer scenarios that have seen the light of day and also in the plans of Ivan Jovanovic for the planning of the next season at Panathinaikos, he stood through News Bulletin 247 o Tasos Nikologiannis.

The reporter of the “greens” initially referred to the case of Presiado, stressing that he is not the only one concerned about the right end of the defense, while he then made a special mention of Audrey Lingre: “Panathinaikos is in a hurry to sign players in order to have them in preparation, but this does not mean that the players are also in a hurry to find a team. There are likely to be developments at right-back and midfielder within the next 15 days. Presiado has been nominated, but another player is being considered for the position. Lingr is a case that fits Jovanovic’s “want” and an effort is being made to close the player and be in training.”

Finally, Tasos Nikologiannis clarified that the problem of Panathinaikos in the last season was the goal and for this reason there is a search for a midfielder who will be able to help in this area as well while he closed by making a reference and what will happen next with the renewal by Dimitris Kourbelis: “In a week – at most 10 days, Panathinaikos will have a positive or negative response from Kourbelis regarding the extension of the contract. The problem last year was in the creation since Panathinaikos had a problem in goal. Jovanovic wants a player who is good in set pieces but also good at scoring.”

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Source: Sport Fm

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