At 6.5 percentage points lies the difference between ND and SYRIZA, according to with the Pulse poll which was featured on Sky’s main newscast with Kosioni Co. At the same time, according to the findings of the research, indicators such as that of the victory performance appear improved for the ND, while the Kyriakos Mitsotakis since 39% of the respondents answered that a government with that prime minister would be best after the elections, compared to 38% in the poll that was done at the beginning of May.

In particular, according to the Pulse poll, the ND with reference to the valid ones receives 33% of the vote intention, SYRIZA 26.5%, PASOK-KINAL 9%, KKE 6%, Hellenic Solution at 3.5%, MERA25 at 4% and Pleussi follow with 1.5% Freedom, but also National Creation and at 2% NIKI. The undecided reach 9%, while smaller parties are chosen by 4% of respondents.

vote intention all answers

voting intention over time

About 1 in 5 citizens want a government of cooperation at all costs (19), while new elections after an effort for cooperation (37%) or new elections as soon as possible (36%) are considered better by the vast majority of respondents.

Collaboration government

Both ND and SYRIZA have gained half a point from the May 7 poll with the difference between them remaining stable, always in the index of voting intention with a reduction on valid ones.

When asked after the elections what would be better, the citizens answer:

Government with Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis 39
Government with Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras 27
Government with Androulaki’s proposal for prime minister 8
None, none of the above 20.
I don’t know/don’t answer said 6% of the respondents

more suitable

Regarding the victory performance and the question “regardless of what you will vote for, which party do you think will come out first”, 59% answer ND (versus 57% at the beginning of the month), 27% answer SYRIZA (compared to 28% at the beginning of the month), another party says 5%, while I don’t know/don’t answer says 9% of respondents. It is noted that the difference between ND and SYRIZA in terms of victory is 32 percentage points.

Winning Performance

With regard to the structure of the next government, 41% answer an independent ND government (34%) or cooperation with the ND body (75). 31% answered independent SYRIZA government (14%) or cooperation with the core of SYRIZA (17%). 7% say “yes” to a large coalition government (with ND, SYRIZA, etc.), 13% choose “someone else”, while 8% do not answer.

next government

The poll includes a scenario for the distribution of undecideds, but also a scenario for the distribution of seats with six parties in the parliament and 9.5% outside the parliament, as shown in the following tables:

scenario undecided

scenario- seats

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