“I am sincerely sorry because the Prime Minister, with his statements today, appears to be unaware of the reality experienced by thousands of households in our country. He stated that there are no auctions,” said former minister Louka Katseli in a post on Facebook.

“I invite him to join eauction.gr. In 2023, more than 30,000 auctions were held or are being launched until the end of May, which stopped only for 2 weeks before and after the elections” he notes.

“He stated that many strategic non-payers found refuge in the Katseli Law. With this statement, he blames the Greek judiciary on the one hand, because Greek judges were called to apply the law based on the evidence provided, but also the Banks themselves, who as opposing parties, they should have produced them. Let the Prime Minister consider how many thousands of households saved their first home and how many of our fellow citizens were given a real second chance at a decent living.”

“He stated that the out-of-court procedure adopted has resulted in 50 billion euros in settlements. Let him ask his Minister of Finance. Of the 100 billion euros in non-performing loans, only 2.5 billion have been settled. Finally, he stated that the draft law submitted by official opposition is groundless and leads to the forfeiture of guarantees. Let Mr. Mitsotakis and his staff study it carefully, and when it is effectively implemented and produces results, we will be here to discuss it.”