AEL sank Veria with a terrible Tsirigotis


He passed through Imathia and endangered it Veria the AEL. The “crimson” won easily 3-1 of the “Queen of the North” for the 26th matchday of the northern group of Super League 2 thus putting her in trouble again for the relegation battle.

In 12th place with 24 points is Veria which has a relatively passable schedule since it welcomes Anagennisi Karditsa and Iraklis Larisa and travels to Kalamaria and Rhodes to face Apollo Pontos and Diagoras respectively.

Thessalians took the lead with ten minutes remaining in the match thanks to a perfect header from Tsirigotis.

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In the 15th minute, Andrada threatened the home of Venetikidis with a long shot that the goalkeeper of Veria had a hard time clearing with his feet, while in the 34th minute, Mavrias with a wonderful ball behind the defense found Tsirigotis who made it 0-2 with a beautiful finish.

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In the second half, the hosts reduced the score with Belevonis taking advantage of the inertia in the AEL defense and scoring into the empty net for 2-1.

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The “crimson” were not deterred by the reduction of the score and in the 80′ they won a penalty with Tsirigotis overturning in the area winning a penalty which Pedroso converted into a goal making the final 3-1.

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In detail, the program of the 26th matchday:

A’ Group

Friday (19/5)

Veria N.P.S-AEL 1-3

(46′ Belevonis-10′, 34′ Tsirigotis, 78′ Pedroso)

Panathinaikos II-Renaissance Karditsa (16:00)

Macedonian-Apollon Pontou (16:00)

Thesprotos-Niki Volos (16:00)

Almopos Aridaias-PAOK B’ (16:00)

Iraklis-Iraklis Larisa (16:00)

Monday (22/5)

Panseraikos-Diagoras (16:00)

Day off: Apollo Larissa

B Group

Friday (19/5)

Kalamata-Athens Kallithea FC (16:00)

Apollo Smyrnis-PAO Ruf (16:00)

Ilioupoli-Aegaleo (16:00)

Chania-OF Ierapetra (16:00)

Episcopal-Progressive (16:00)

Monday (22/5)

Panachaiki-Kifisia (15:15)

Olympiacos B’-AEK B’ (16:00)

Day off: Herodotus

The schedule for the next (27th) matchday:

Sunday (28/5)

Group A:

Rebirth of Karditsa-Macedonian

Diagoras-Panathinaikos II

Iraklis of Larissa-Panserraikos

PAOK B’-Iraklis

Niki Volos-Almopos Aridaia

Apollo Larissa-Thesprotos

Apollon Pontou-Veria

Day off: AEL

Group B:

Athens Kallithea FC-Apollon Smyrnis


OF Ierapetra-Episkopi


AEK B’-Panachaiki

Herodotus-Olympic II

PAO Ruf-Ilioupoli

Day off: Egaleo

Source: Sport Fm

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