The president of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Tsipras from Patras, expressed his certainty of victory in the elections, simultaneously launching a harsh attack against Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

Mr. Tsipras said starting his speech: “Patra seals the contract of change. On Sunday the nightmare ends and change dawns. I chose to close the pre-election campaign from Patras, from Western Greece where the right was and is a minority. The message I am sending is that on Sunday they will be a minority throughout Greece.

Watch video of the speech of the president of SYRIZA from the capital of Achaia:

On Sunday we say goodnight to Mr. Mitsotakis. The terrorists will not terrorize us, we will terrorize them. We stand up to injustice and extend a hand of cooperation to all democratic and progressive citizens. We tell every democratic and progressive citizen that we are not here to rewrite history, but to open a new chapter, the chapter of the progressive government of cooperation that will redeem the country from the worst government of the Post-colonial era.

For four years an entire society experienced the doctrine of shock from one who promised better jobs and pay and reduced the middle class to living on vouchers. Today he got away and testified to us what his plan is for the middle class: to punish and screw the borrowers who managed to save their homes from the Katseli law. That is why he is so insistent that we have a hidden agenda.

It is now clear after yesterday’s gathering in Athens and today’s in Patras: Mr. Mitsotakis is gone. Collect the Pretador’s Cables from the Maximus Mansion.