Alkmaar on the episodes: “Black night for our team”


The second semi-final of the Europa Conference League between Alkmaar and West Ham was marred by the doubling of the home fans on the families of the visiting players.

Alkmaar took a stand on what happened, saying in a statement that it was a “black day” for the team.

The announcement in detail:

Black night!

While everyone was hoping for a historic European match, it turned into a dark night due to the events that transpired after the referee’s final whistle. It turned into a night to ponder in shame. Not because of the football match that was played, but because of the behavior of some guests. Unfortunately, we cannot use the word “supporters” for these people.

What happened is beyond all limits. The club again sincerely apologizes to West Ham United and the thousands of well-meaning Alkmaar fans who have also been disturbed by the inappropriate behaviour.

In the coming period, Alkmaar – together with the police, the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the municipality of Alkmaar – will evaluate what exactly happened, how it could have been avoided and what needs to be improved from now on. It is clear that things need to improve. Part of the assessment is a thorough review of all available footage so that appropriate consequences can follow for those responsible for this outrageous behavior.

Alkmaar is a civilized club where sportsmanship and rules and values ​​are paramount. The club will do everything possible, together with the relevant authorities, to identify these individuals and take appropriate action.

Source: Sport Fm

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