An interesting revelation about them registered in the electoral rolls made today the Secretary General of the Ministry of the Interior, Michalis Stavrianoudakis, speaking on the First Program.

More specifically, he argued that among them there are currently about 10,000 citizens in the age bracket between 110 and 116 – and this while for about 10 years now the process of automatically cutting centenarians over 116 years old has been applied, as in the past there were registrants even 140 years old.

“On the one hand, those who died on islands or in small villages were not deleted in the past, or there was no need for real rights for the relatives to declare it, as well as deaths abroad, because they had now cut ties with Greece, resulting in this time to mention several centenarians”, said G.G. of the Ministry of the Interior.

Those registered in the electoral rolls total 9,810,040, of which 4,760,042 are men and 5,049,998 are women. For the first time, 438,595 young people between the ages of 17 and 21 will vote. Those born in 2006 have the right to vote.