“On behalf of the Central Committee, I would like to greet the thousands of workers, the thousands of young men and women who took this step today, voted for KKE, giving it a significant boost. We want to congratulate our members, friends, executives of the KKE, members and executives of the KNE who gave their best by contributing to this election result” said the head of the KKE Central Committee, Dimitris Koutsoubas.

“This result is the result of the experience of the working-people’s forces that took part in all the previous years in struggles, in important actions together with the communists.

We particularly want to thank those who joined us in this electoral battle either as candidates or with their personal multifaceted contribution to strengthening the KKE” he noted D. Koutsoubas and he added: “The new forces alongside the old ones that rallied around our party can today fuel a new dynamic on the way to a great popular counter-attack of the mass class struggle, the total reorganization of the labor-union movement, the promotion of the Social Alliance against monopolies, capital, capitalism”.

“The strengthening of the political influence of the KKE, especially in important urban centers of the country, in working-class neighborhoods of the big cities, in areas where a large part of the industrial and general labor force is concentrated, for example in Attica, are hopeful messages that pave the way for tomorrow” underlined the head of the KKE.

As Mr. Koutsoubas said, “the correlation that emerged from the elections between the bourgeois parties, ND, SYRIZA, PASOK, shows not only the possibilities of forming a government that can continue in the same anti-popular direction, but also of a consensus, at the same time, and support from forces that are and will be in the opposition, for the benefit of big capital and at the expense of private and public sector workers, self-employed professionals, scientists, farmers, pensioners, our youth”.

“It is clear what the KKE has said all this time that despite their individual differences, their confrontations, they converge on basic strategic policies, in basic directions. And not only that. Mainly SYRIZA, first as a government and during these four years as an opposition, was a key factor in the conservatism of people, ultimately fueling the dominance of the ND” he added and pointed out:

“Thus, from tomorrow the Greek people, the youth, will face a new wave of attack for the implementation of the new memorandum prerequisites of the Recovery Fund with a new round of cuts, austerity, with a strict fiscal policy, with the possibility of a new financial crisis open, the dangerous developments from the front of the war in Ukraine with greater involvement of Greece but also with the negative arrangements that the NATO umbrella brings to Greek-Turkish affairs. This will be implemented by the new anti-people government that will emerge.”

“No support, no tolerance, no compromise in all these anti-popular policies. The KKE will exercise the only hopeful opposition for our people both inside the Parliament and outside it in the context of the class, popular struggles for the protection of life, for the protection of income, all the rights of the people and the youth” underlined the of the Central Committee of the party.

He noted that “the thoughts and scenarios for repeating the elections, for appealing to new polls are not because a government cannot be formed, but because they want to alter the people’s vote, with extortionate dilemmas, with the grabbing of both votes and parliamentary seats seats based on the new electoral law” and concluded:

“Consequently in this case, it is required from now on to prepare for an even greater strengthening of the KKE in possible new elections since their anti-popular agenda is more than a given.

Because the KKE will make use of this power given to it by the people at the ballot box to contribute both in the Parliament and on the streets of the struggle for the organization of the popular resistance, the counter-attack on the road to overthrow, its deputies will be real supports of the people of struggles, of claims, more voices of defense and promotion of the people’s interests both in the Parliament and everywhere.

We continue strong, dynamically, as we started in the next period as well”.