In Ukraine lead the new evidence regarding the sabotage of the Nord Stream 1 and 2 pipelines last September in the Baltic Sea, according to a group of German, Swedish, Polish and Danish media investigating the case.

As North German Radio NDR, North West German Radio WDR and Sueddeutsche Zeitung report, new investigations “point” in the direction of Ukraine for those responsible for sabotaging the pipelines that transported Russian natural gas to Europe. According to the research, traces start from the sailing ship “Andromeda” in the Baltic and lead to suspicious companies which exist only “on paper”, but also to a person with possible connections to the Ukrainian military. As noted, however, it remains unclear whether this was an act of reaction to the Russian attack or a “false flag” case, and German prosecutors are actually following other leads.

The “Andromeda” craft was first reported last March by the first channel of the German public television ARD and the newspaper Die Zeit. As the two German media reported at the time, five men and one woman sailed with it from Rostock at the beginning of September 2022, while the boat had been leased by a Polish company – a travel agency – owned by Ukraine. However, the company, which does not have a telephone number, but only an electronic address, declares as its address a building which is declared as the headquarters of over 100 other companies. A woman who appears as the president of the company lives in Kiev and did not want to answer the journalists’ questions. A man who presented his passport in order to charter the boat is said to be Ukrainian, while he showed a Romanian passport. The man is about 20 years old and has served in the Ukrainian infantry. His family states that he is also serving in the Ukrainian army during this time.

As the media conducting the investigation point out, many times the secret services use such “company” schemes in order to to camouflage or finance their businesses. However, the Ukrainian authorities have not commented on the investigations by the German Federal Prosecutor’s Office.

According to other theories, Russian vessels – research and military, equipped with underwater drones – were in the area of ​​the pipelines in the days before the explosions. However, as the NDR, WDR and SZ emphasize, the German investigations have found no evidence of involvement of the Russian ships in the explosions.