A judicial representative in Heraklion, who has 20 bags of ballot papers with him, has been missing since yesterday, as a result of which a disturbance has been created in the Region of Crete, who are trying to locate him.

“All means have been activated to locate him”, Mrs. Maria Raptaki, from Region of Crete.

Only one electoral division is still expected to complete the integration into the regional unity of Heraklion.
The reason is that a legal representative… has gone missing! Along with him, 20 bags are also missing!

The competent services are trying to him locate, to no avail.

The pending section is the 198th, at the 13th Primary School of Heraklion, at 40 Kanari Street, in Katsamba.
Mrs. Maria Raptaki, from the Region of Crete, reports to Cretalive that all the other regional units of Crete have been integrated at 100%.
For search of the judicial representative have also been activated, the Court of First Instance and the Municipality of Heraklion.
Ms. Raptaki reports that all available means have been activated to locate him. He is also worried that something has come up, as this particular man he was performing his duties normallyupdated the platform of the Ministry of the Interior during the electoral process.