Athanasiou: “The hiring of Papadimitriou at Panathinaikos is in the right direction”


Important characterized on principle the recruitment John’s Papadimitriou in the position of its technical director Panathinaikou through News Bulletin 247 Nikos Athanasiou, explaining… why.

The news of the weekend is the signing of Yiannis Papadimitriou, a move 100% forced regardless of the fact that Panathinaikos may have faced difficulties in their transfer planning in recent years. Every addition of a person who can provide solutions in the organizational part is in the right direction. Panathinaikos can do more in this part. Ivan Jovanovic asked for a technical director to be hired to take a big burden off him that he shouldn’t have. We’ll see in practice if it’s a good, bad, or average choice“, he said characteristically.

At the same time, the reporter of the station emphasized that nothing changes in the “clover” hierarchyas yes it will become more flexible, but Jovanovic will always have the first and last word on everything.

Athanasiou noted that there is a month ahead where Panathinaikos is obliged to do three transfers on time to integrate them into the team before the European qualifiers.

While he pointed out that it will be very difficult for us to have a clearer picture of the acquisition of Lingr from the “greens” before the completion of the Czech championship, next weekend.

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Source: Sport Fm

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