For her even greater victory New Republic in the second elections he spoke in his statement o Giannis Oikonomouwho congratulated Christos Staikouras on his re-election in Fthiotida.

In more detail, the statement of the former government representative Yannis Oikonomou:

“New Democracy’s big victory will become more emphatic in a month or so, with the next, bigger victory. The Greek people on the one hand rewarded our work and on the other hand approved the perspective we offered them: strong self-reliant governance, preemption, better income and jobs, modernization, security, a strong Greece at every level.

Fthiotida sent a resounding message and must send it again in the June elections. The percentage of New Democracy in Fthiotida increased and needs to increase even more, so that the voice of our country in the next four years will be influential in every sector and space. Our place and its people are only served by us.

I would sincerely like to congratulate Mr. Staikouras for his re-election as well as my co-candidates, Mr. Kotronias, Mr. Makris-Theodorou, Mr. Simou-Paleologu and Kanellos, for the fight they gave to our party’s ballot.

On a personal level, I want, once again, to warmly thank each and every one of you for both the process and the result. Together we fought an honest and clean fight for our principles, our values, our place and our Motherland. And you gave me almost 7,000 more votes and a total of over 20,000. I asked for a vote of reward, responsibility, heart and perspective and you gave it to me. The increased confidence you have shown me gives me a strong command to be present and useful again to my country and my countrymen. Unfortunately, the electoral law did not allow our Party with a percentage of 44% to elect only 1 seat in our Name. However, the march forward continues and will not be stopped as long as the ties between us grow stronger.”