“The Greek men and women, with their verdict, gave a new strong vote of confidence to ND and to Kyriakos Mitsotakis. They gave a clear victory, creating strong conditions for us to continue, all together, on the path of stability and development. With a stable, independent government of the New Democracy for the next four years as well”he says, among other things, in his statement Finance Minister Christos Staikourasnoting that “They confirmed that New Democracy is the only political force that guarantees that the country will continue to make leaps of progress, with a springboard for what we, society and state, have achieved in the previous 4 years.”

Addressing the citizens of Fthiotida, Mr. Staikouras expressed his thanks for honoring him “once again with their love and trust”, adding that this is for the same guide “in the common path we continue, all together, in order to capitalize and expand our achievements. To respond to the responsibility we have towards the perspective of the homeland, Fthiotida and the new generation”.