It was impressive how the majority of young people chose ND at the ballot box.

Young children spoke to the SKAI camera, and emphasized that they voted based on the professional and financial perspective that they felt each party gave them.

Against the backdrop of security, freelancers voted, with some not hiding that they were influenced by Katrougalou’s statements.

As they emphasize, they are looking for a better tomorrow, in terms of salary, jobs, anything.

They explain that they voted based on economic and professional criteria at this stage.

Young people rushed to the polls with the next day in mind and full of expectations.

They look for the big picture and generally what benefits the whole.

They appreciate that if society benefits, moreover, they also benefit in a way, even if indirectly.

I saw from the previous governments what they did and what the current one did and I ended up with a government that I, like Alex, think will be good for our country».

In addition to the high percentages in the general population, in the May 21 elections, New Democracy achieved something else: it came first among 17-year-olds with almost 3 points from SYRIZA, and first among the 25-34 age group.

Specifically, those aged 17-24 voted for New Democracy by 31.5% compared to 28.8% who voted for SYRIZA.

Finally, 10.5% voted for PASOK.

Additionally, the percentages in the 25-34 age group are 30%, 27.3% and 10.7%, respectively.

I voted based on the professional rights that are given to me in the future and the current situation in universities. I am a student» says a young man.

Some even admit that they discussed their vote with their parents and their circle to get ideas and solve questions, but in the end they decided for themselves what represented them the most.

As far as freelancers are concerned, as everything shows – always according to their own positions – they were quite influenced by the statements of Katrougalos, in the previous days, regarding the increase in insurance contributions to their incomes.

They emphasize that such a measure could not help, so whatever they had thought before these statements, reasonably changes and the voter goes to the ballot box with different criteria.

A freelancer wants stability and reduced contributions“, they declare.

Indicatively, 54% voted for New Democracy, 17.3% for SYRIZA, and 9.2% for PASOK.

I want fewer contributions. I want security. As a freelancer, I need stability, political stability and I think that my political stability will also bring me professional stability, which I have been missing a lot in recent years» comments Grigoria Lytrivi.

The distance recorded between New Democracy and Syriza and PASOK was also extremely large and among the farmers. Specifically, 47.5% voted for ND, 13.4% for PASOK and 13% for SYRIZA.

They state that they wish for a government, whichever comes out, that is close to them, next to the farmer and the breeder.

I said not to go but I went in case something changes and they support us a little more» says Lefteris Kozeris, Livestock Breeder, explaining the reasoning that finally led him to vote and not to abstain.

The farmers voted with the criterion of taxation, of EFKA and with the criteria that we must have stability. To know what dawns on us“, emphasizes Stergios Litos, Farmer.

Whatever the criteria, all those who went to vote say that they will definitely participate in the next elections.