Greeks abroad will have the opportunity to vote one day before the June 25 national elections, as was done in the May 21 elections.

In addition to the 22,857 registered in the special foreign electoral rolls, approximately 7,000 additional voters will be able to vote in the second elections, who applied for registration in the electoral rolls after the deadline for the first elections had passed, bringing the total number of of 30,000.

Now, if they meet the criteria, they will normally be included in the new lists of the Ministry of the Interior.

The increase of those registered in the special foreign electoral rolls may also increase the number of polling stations, as a minimum of 40 voters is needed to create one.

In detail, those who submitted an application that was approved 12 days before the date of the announcement of the election can vote in the repeat elections. Therefore, if the date of the announcement of the elections is May 29th, Greeks abroad whose registration application was approved 12 days ago, i.e. on May 17th, will be able to vote.

As far as objections are concerned, those Greeks living abroad who saw their application rejected have the right to submit an objection to be included in the electoral rolls until May 26.

They are very short deadlines for Greeks who voted abroad and now wish to exercise their right to vote in Greece. The relevant procedures should be completed by Friday, May 26, 2023 at the latest, as the proclamation for the holding of new elections is expected next Monday, May 29.

In particular, until next Friday, Greeks who voted abroad have the right to delete or suspend their vote. The deletion concerns, for example, those who voted as transient visitors in Lithuania, which they visited for the Olympiakos match, and in the next elections they will be in Greece.

It also concerns voters who want to vote in Greece only in the June elections, but wish to remain registered in the electoral rolls abroad. It is pointed out that the application for deletion or suspension concerns all those who applied for registration in the electoral rolls abroad, regardless of whether they finally went to the polls or not.

Deletion and suspension requests or objections can be made on the platform.

What will apply to those who are now applying for registration in the foreign directories?

The treatment is different for those Greeks who now want to start the registration process in the electoral rolls abroad.

These voters will not have the right to participate in the elections of June 25, as according to article 101 of Law 5003/2022 (Α΄230), registrations or changes to applications made in a period of time less than 12 days before the announcement of the elections they will be registered in the special foreign electoral rolls after the elections.

Therefore, their registration in the special electoral rolls abroad will be completed in the future.