By Penelope Galliou

The counter that “ended” with more than double the percentage that the ND received against SYRIZA, during the elections of May 21, is commonly accepted in the blue faction that it will “zero” for the next elections in June. “The polls will be empty” all the actors insist on reminding executives and voters emphatically Piraeusunderlining the criticality of the new ballot for the course and stability of the country and in this context they map the new pre-election strategy that will be followed on the way to the new ballot.

After switching to Maximos Palace of the new caretaker prime minister John SharmaThe Kyriakos Mitsotakis and the headquarters of Megaros Maximos moved to the Piraeus headquarters from where the party’s new pre-election plan will be reorganized and implemented.

The possibility that the new electoral contest will also send new parties – beyond the five – to the Parliament raises the bar of self-reliance and any reduction in its percentages SW may hide unpleasant surprises. The party consultations and meetings are expected to be continuous throughout the next period in order to crystallize the strategy that Kyriakos Mitsotakis’ party will pursue in the new pre-election period and to draw up the tour program, examining the results section by section and ballot box by ballot box of the last contest, in order to identify the “holes” and weaknesses, where these are observed and reflected in the election results.

The first general meeting for the new election campaign was held yesterday in the blue headquarters of Piraeus Street, under the leadership of the secretary of the Political Committee of the ND Pavlos Marinakis and the coordinator of the ND pre-election campaign Nikos Hardalia in the presence of all the candidate parliamentarians of the regions of Attica. A meeting during which the necessary instructions were given to “shippers” regarding the activity of the deputies in the new electoral battle, the areas they will visit, the points, and the neighborhoods, the contact with the citizens.

A similar meeting will be held today with the deputies of the province and then with the deputies of the entire province Territoryin which he will also participate Akis Schertsos. The plan and directives are about the battle of the ballots, as if they are going to “chase” the cross again for their personal election. While it will become clear that their action will not be uncontrolled, but there will be a central “observatory” that will monitor the pre-election activity while the prime minister himself will be informed.

After all, the message of Kyriakos Mitsotakis to his executives during his first televised interview with Alpha after the May 21 elections, was clear. “If some of our executives think that they have fulfilled their obligation to themselves by being elected very well with a cross and now they can sit back and enjoy their electoral victory and not retire with the collective struggle, they will be in for a very big disappointment after the elections, as long as the Greek citizens trust us” said the prime minister clarifying that he will evaluate very carefully the work that all executives will do by formulating the demand that “they run as much for the party as they ran for themselves. Some have the added incentive that MPs may be elected now, with enhanced proportionality. But many who have already been elected parliamentarians should know that there will be a very strict monitoring mechanism for their political activity during this pre-election period” clarified Kyriakos Mitsotakis.