Prime Minister Ioannis Sarmas, immediately after swearing in of the government at 12:00will preside over a cabinet at Megaros Maximos.

The ministers will then go to their ministries for the handover ceremonies.

The names of the caretaker government:

Prime Minister: Ioannis Sarmas
Minister of State: Vasilios Skouris
Minister of Finance: Theodoros Pelagidis
Minister of Development and Investments: Eleni Louri
Minister of Foreign Affairs: Vasilios Kaskarelis
Minister of National Defense: Alcibiades Stefanis
Minister of Education and Religious Affairs: Christos Kittas
Minister of Labor and Social Affairs: Patrina Paparrigopoulou
Minister of Health: Anastasia Kotanidou
Minister of Environment and Energy: Pantelis Kapros
Minister of Citizen Protection: Charalambos Lalousis
Minister of Culture and Sports: Georgios Koumentakis
Minister of Justice: Filippos Spyropoulos
Minister of the Interior: Kalliopi Spanou
Minister of Immigration and Asylum: Daniel Esdras
Minister of Digital Governance: Sokratis Katsikas
Minister of Infrastructure and Transport: Yiannis Golias
Minister of Shipping and Island Policy: Theodoros Kliaris
Minister of Rural Development and Food: Georgios Tsakiris
Minister of Tourism: Ioanna Dretta
Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection: Evangelos Tournas
Government Representative: Ilias Siakandaris