SYRIZA is currently a moderate partyhe declared to SKAI and to the show “Mismatches” The Kostas Zachariadisadding that “Mr. Tsipras will make it big again.” At the same time, he commented that “the world does not have Stockholm Syndrome” and wondered “maybe we have it”.

In detail, the candidate with SYRIZA, Mr. Zachariadis, emphasized:

“SYRIZA is a government party. It was not and will not be a party of protest and certainly, it was not and will not be a party of integration. SYRIZA claims to be again the main exponent in the next Parliament of the forces of the center-left and the left, of the democratic and progressive space. It is a party with a strong leadership and a very strong leader personality and it is an honor that after a very painful defeat he is in front, standing, cheering us on and leading us.

Tsipras played a role in taking SYRIZA from 4% to 16%, to 27%, to 36%, to 31%, to 20%, a medium-sized party today, big in previous years and will play a role in becoming big again.

ND won on the fact that it had a more stable message, while we were saying let’s win and we’ll see later… This had an instability. Never when you tune wrongly, it’s never wrong. The thing is, the people don’t have Stockholm syndrome, the thing is, do we? Don’t shoot ourselves in the foot.”