After a secret vote, Parliament which arose from the national elections of May 21, 2023 elected the 7 vice-presidents of the House of the Plenary.

According to the Parliament’s regulation, three vice-presidents are elected from the first party in parliamentary power (ND) and one from each opposition party.

Specifically, out of a total of 296 voting MPs, they received:

1st Vice-President, Nikitas Kaklamanis (1st Athens, ND): 296 votes in favor.

2nd Vice-President, Charalambos Athanasiou (Lesvos, SW): 294 in favor of two “present”.

3rd Vice-President, Thanasis Bouras (2nd West Attica, SW): 294 in favor of two “present”.

4th Vice-President, Meropi Tzoufi (Ioannina, SYRIZA): 294 in favor, two invalid.

5th Vice-President, Odysseas Konstantinopoulos (Arkadias, PASOK-KINAL): 290 in favor, 4 “present” and two invalid.

6th Vice-President, Giorgos Lambroulis (Larissas, KKE): 291 in favor, three “present” and two invalid.

7th Vice-President, Konstantinos Chitas (2nd Thessaloniki Hellenic Solution): 256 in favor, 38 “present” and two invalid.

Election of deans and secretaries

In a subsequent separate vote, the Parliament elected its deans and secretaries. Two deans and 4 secretaries from the coalition (ND), one dean and one secretary from the official opposition (SYRIZA) and one secretary from the second most powerful opposition parliamentary group (PASOK-KINAL).


For the office of deans, in a total of 296 votes, they received:

Anna Mani Papadimitriou (Pierias, ND): 295 in favor and one “present”.

Vassilis Yogiakas (Thesprotias, ND): 294 in favor and two “absents”.

Ioannis Sarakiotis (Fthiotida, SYRIZA): 295 in favor and one “present”.

For the position of secretaries in a total of 296 MPs received:

Kostas Kefalogiannis (Heraklion, Crete, SW): 295 in favor and one “absent”.

Maria Nefeli Hatziioannidou (Epiratias, ND): 295 in favor and one “present”

Domna Michailidou (A’ Piraeus, SW): 291 in favor and 5 present.

Konstantinos Kyranakis (Southern Sector of Athens, ND): 289 in favor and 7 present.

For the position of secretary:

Rally Christidou (Southern Sector of Athens, SYRIZA): 294 in favor and two “present”.

Manolis Christodoulakis (East Attiki, PASOK-KINAL): 295 in favor and one “present”.