“SYRIZA and PASOK discredit and despise the election results of May 21” emphasizes in his statement the representative of New Democracy, Akis Skertsos, adding that “they circulate as a scarecrow the ‘spook’ of the ‘omnipotence’ Mitsotakis”.

The statement of the representative of New Democracy in detail:

“The opposition SYRIZA and PASOK continue to discredit and despise the election results of May 21, using as a scarecrow the “scarecrow” of “omnipotence” Mitsotakis. They roughly equate the majority – through the ballot box – expression of the citizens that leads to secure self-reliance and governmental stability with democratic deviation.

Three simple questions:

In 1996, 2000 and 2009, PASOK secured comfortable autonomy with election rates of 41.49%, 43.79% and 43.92%, respectively.

1) Did anyone ever question the “omnipotence” of the then PASOK governments, practically questioning the very vote of the citizens?

2) Is democracy at risk from democracy itself at its most authentic moment of expression, that is, at the ballot box?

3) How would they characterize the current percentage of New Democracy and Kyriakos Mitsotakis if they had received it themselves? “Victory of the people” or “danger to democracy”?

Behind the false arguments about “omnipotence” we see two standards. A “fig leaf” to hide the programmatic inability of the opposition to put together a convincing government proposal.

Elections produce a government, not an opposition. And they show the opposition parties what they need to do better.

On June 26, our country needs a stable government with secure self-reliance to be able to make the state more digital, the administration of justice faster, the national health system more modern and high-quality, our energy mix cleaner with fewer emissions , greener mountains and cleaner seas, more dynamic and extroverted our economy with better incomes for workers and pensioners, stronger our border defense, a more European and fair Greece. An unstable government will not be able to achieve any of the above.”