The Director of the ND Press Office mentioned the need for specific program proposals and their costing by the parties, as well as the role of the opposition Nikos Romanos on SKAI TV and on the show “TODAY” with him Dimitris Oikonomou and the Akis Pavlopoulos.

Focusing on the fixed view that ND had from the beginning, Mr. Romanos stated that “safe self-reliance is needed, in order for the country to have a stable government and to be able to move forward by implementing the reforms that are necessary to continue a course, which has been carved in previous years”.

And the director of the press office of the ND continued: “This is the very clear message, which is stable even before the first polls and between the first and second polls and all the previous period. Because we are the only party, when some others were fighting about how the country should be “progressively” co-governed, that we consistently said that the country needs self-reliant government. And I think this is also proven by the example of Spain, which also some had flagged.”

Regarding the fake news that, as he claimed, is continued by the opposition, Mr. Romanos emphasized: “They went so far as to say that we have a hidden agenda to increase the contributions of freelancers. Last week they were talking about water. They’ve said we’re going to lay off civil servants, that we’re going to freeze salary increases. All this is rubbish, as the Prime Minister said.

“These are scams that we have been fighting for four years – I remember that we heard many of these during the 2019 pre-election period as well – they told us that we would abolish the eight-hour working day during the 2019 pre-election period. During the four years they also said that the eight-hour working day would be abolished with the Hatzidakis law which it essentially ensures it. What impresses me is that they continue even after the last elections”.

Finally, Mr. Romanos also responded to PASOK’s parliamentary candidate, Eleni Chronopoulou, who on the same show spoke “about taxes that will be increased” by PASOK. “There are no quotation marks. Either they will increase or they won’t. There are no quotes in increase. When taxes go up, they go up,” he said addressing Mrs. Chronopoulou and added:

“You want to play the role of serious opposition and say that SYRIZA is our sponsor. So you, who are not our sponsors, try to play this role – even for the eyes of the world – and tell us something concrete because until now if you will allow me, you have not told us anything concrete. You don’t tell us costing, you don’t tell us which taxes, how much, specific things, for citizens who will go to vote to know.”