Her Penelope Galliou

It is common in political tables and political analyzes to say that elections are always decided by the economy.

And so it is, as it pertains to “pocket” of the citizen and the daily life of the voters.

These elections, however, come to confirm this position far and early, with the economy and taxation occupying a central role in the political arena and the battle of the parties, before the pre-election period has well begun.

The repeated vague messages that PASOK and SYRIZA executives have been sending out in the last few days in the public political debate regarding their parties’ programs and their positions on the economy and especially taxation, are pushing Piraeus more and more strongly to maintain this discussion.

Executives of the ND also estimate that the “alalum” projected by the executives of Koumoundourou and Harilaou Trikoupi about their economic programs, reveals more and more strongly the “hidden agenda” of both.

An agenda that, based on the statements of both SYRIZA and PASOK executives, proves to be endless, “in taxes, in ambiguities, in alchemies, in unknown X” as a ND executive commented.

An attitude on the part of the opposition parties which, according to Piraeus, increasingly strengthens the argument of the ND about “the one and only serious political force that can guarantee the stability of the country and the well-being of its citizens”.

“Our opponents have”miss the eggs and easter eggs” he commented on the attitude SYRIZA and PASOK Kyriakos Mitsotakis from Perama Mylopotamos, referring to the public debate on the economy and the unknown aspects of their programs revealed by executives of the two parties.

Every day they tell us something different” commented the president of the ND, adding that ” Maybe they can afford to do that, you know, because they themselves have abdicated the responsibility of running the country.”

“What are they telling us? ‘We are interested in who will be first in the opposition.’

This does not concern the citizens, the citizens vote for the government, not for the opposition” concluded.

In the murky landscape that is taking shape regarding the economic programs of SYRIZA and PASOK and in the confusion that is created, Piraeus executives oppose their own program, “without having to hide anything” they emphasize, because as they explain the big difference between the program of the ND and the program of its political opponents is that the ND has a costed and absolutely clear program both in terms of goals and in terms of their financing.

Why do we have an obligation to do so, since as a government we have submitted a medium-term program to the European Union, we know that we have binding targets and every euro counts” also underlined Kyriakos Mitsotakis from Rethymnon.