“Turkey is bigger than Turkey” said Recep Tayyip Erdogan in his speech yesterday, showing once again that he has the “Ottoman vision”, the “Blue Homeland” and the “Century of Turkey” in his mind.

As SKAI correspondent Manolis Kostidis reports from Istanbulthe Turkish president emphasized that “in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Balkans, Turkey is the name of hope and love.”

In detail, Erdogan emphasized: “We have witnessed that Turkey is bigger than Turkey, and on behalf of myself, my nation and my people, I thank all our friends who are in all parts of the world. Thus, once again it was revealed that from Turkey not only in its immediate area, but from Africa to Asia, from Latin America to the Balkans, from the Middle East to the world of Islam, it is the name of love , of hope, of care, of resistance.

“During the period of our governments, the signs of how the soft power and sphere of influence of our country reached during the period of our government emerged. It has been understood that the claims of those who read diplomacy, as well as politics, with the old narrow stereotypes, about Turkish foreign policy are unfounded. We witnessed once again that Turkey is bigger than Turkey and that it is a country much bigger than 780 thousand square kilometers.

Yeni Safak: Coup attempt alarm raised

Meanwhile, a report by Yeni Safak newspaper, which reported that before the elections there were reports of a new coup attempt in Turkey, caused a stir. According to the publication, the camps were on alert from May 13 to May 29, that is, a few days before and a few days after the elections in the country.

As Manolis Kostidis reports, there are suspicions from military personnel about other military personnel and there may be manipulations on the part of Erdogan.

Kalin took over the Turkish secret services

At the same time, yesterday, the handover-receipt of the Turkish secret services from Fidan to Kalin took place. As Show TV reported in the news bulletin: “After the announcement of the results came the change in the bureaucracy. İbrahim Kalin, who was among Erdogan’s closest associates, was appointed to MIT. The head of the Army became the head of the Armed Forces. For many years he was the right-hand man of President Erdogan and became the head of the secret services. The position of Hakan Fidan was taken by Ibrahim Kalin.”

Turkish analysts: We have many differences with Greece, it is not one

From then on, Turkish analysts continue to refer to the Greek islands and islets. Specifically, Ismail Haki Pekin, analyst, retired chief intelligence officer of the Turkish armed forces, referred to the militarized islands and the 152 islands and islets that, as he states, must be discussed.

“There are differences in the Mediterranean and Cyprus. There are islands that must be demilitarized. There are 152 islands, islets and rocky islets in the Aegean. There is the issue of the FIR as well as areas of responsibility for search and rescue. There is the issue of territorial waters in relation to airspace. These things do not change, and in Turkey there is no government that appears to the people and says, “I will do this.” These issues will be resolved through talks, but not in the way Greece wishes,” he stressed.