The 36-year-old woman who received multiple stab wounds from her fiance’s hand on Sunday night is being treated at the PAGNI Surgical Clinic.

In the same clinic, but in different rooms, the 36-year-old perpetrator is also being treated under guard.

According to information from cretapost, both are showing signs of improvement in their health having overcome the danger. In fact, yesterday the doctors discharged the 36-year-old from the ICU.

The request of the 36-year-old’s lawyers

Yesterday, a prosecutor and an investigator went to PAGNI to see the 36-year-old perpetrator, while his lawyers were by his side.

According to information, the 36-year-old allegedly heard the criminal charges without any reaction at all, showing that he did not understand what had happened.

Charges were brought against him for attempted homicide in a calm state of mind, illegal carrying and use of weapons and infidelity.

The 36-year-old was then given a deadline of Friday to apologize.

In fact, his lawyers, after a discussion they had with him, understood that his mental health needed to be examined. Thus, they are preparing to submit a request for him to be hospitalized in a public psychiatric hospital and for the criminal proceedings to be suspended for three months.

There was no fight

In her first statement to the police, the 36-year-old said that there had been no fight and that she was just watching a movie.

In fact, her fiance was on a rampage and started hitting her.

After multiple blows, she managed to escape from the hands and ask for help from the neighborhood.

The Chronicles

Everything happened when the couple was at home in the area of ​​Koronis Magara. Without absolutely anything happening and while the two were sitting on the couch, the 36-year-old takes a knife from the kitchen and stabs the 36-year-old 14 times.

The unfortunate woman managed to get out of the house, covered in blood, asking for help.

Neighbors who heard the couple’s fight, notified the authorities.

When the 36-year-old saw his partner covered in blood, with the same knife he injured himself in the abdomen and tried to set fire to the house.

Two EKAV ambulances rushed to the scene, picked up the injured and transported them to the hospital with a police escort.

At the same time, the fire started by the 36-year-old was managed and put out by the neighbors, so the assistance of the two Fire Department vehicles that arrived at the scene was not needed.