The issue of the arrest and pre-trial detention of the elected Mayor of Heimarra Fred Belerisasked the head of the PASOK Group in the European Parliament, Nikos Papandreou, to EU High Representative Josep Borel, who “committed to investigate the matter and will return soon to inform him of the actions he will take”.

According to the announcement of his office, Mr. Papandreou informed Mr. Borel during last night’s meeting of the Group of Socialists and Democrats of the European Parliament about the conditions of the arrest and detention of Mr. Beleris and asked the High Representative to take the necessary actions for the quick release of the Mayor of Heimarra.

The PASOK MEP pointed out that the prolonged detention of Mr. Beleris inconsistent with the Rule of Law. He also emphasized that such actions undermine the bilateral relations between Albania and Greece as well as Albania and the European Union and do not help at all the processes of Albania’s accession to the EU.

He also referred to the need to “protect the rights of the Greek National Minority of Albania”.

In his reply, the High Representative “committed that after being informed by Mr. Papandreou, he will investigate the matter and will soon come back to inform the PASOK MEP about the actions he will take”.