The ND’s goals for regional development are described in an article published in the TA NEA newspaper, by the former government representative and ND parliamentary candidate in Fthiotida, Yiannis Oikonomou.

In particular, Mr. Economou writes:

In the elections of June 25, among other important ones, it will be judged whether the degradation of the Greek region will be definitively reversed or whether the chronic hydrocephalism of the center will continue. The New Republic of Kyriakos Mitsotakis has shown that it has a comprehensive plan for the Greek region, so that we can soon move into a phase of dynamic regional development and prosperity.
The oxygen missing from the Greek region is money. The difference in per capita income with the center is noticeable. Our Government has systematically tried – with a focus on tourism, the strengthening of primary and secondary production, investments in infrastructure projects and clean energy – and directly brings hot money to the people of the region, so that their significant, but hidden, potential can be exploited .
We managed, with planning and a lot of effort, to significantly extend the tourist season in a large part of Greece, taking advantage of lesser-known beauties and historical monuments. Using tourism as a tool, money is quickly transferred to local communities, as those who have accommodations, catering entrepreneurs, local producers and secondarily many other professionals (construction, supply chain, services, etc.) benefit directly.
This money has a multiplier character, as it gives the people of the region the opportunity to further invest in their activities and improve them. Also, many new jobs are created so that young people stay or return to their place of origin, since we have also secured them access to valuable financial and housing benefits.
Those involved in primary production (farmers, fishermen, livestock breeders) know how much we have reduced production costs and how many projects we implement to facilitate them. People in the secondary and tertiary sectors know firsthand how much we have strengthened regional entrepreneurship: with resources (community and national) and institutional measures to further intensify their already increased export activity. The products of the Greek region have an international impact and we have a plan to do even better.
At the same time, we have implemented a huge plan to modernize the infrastructure in the Greek region – roads, health, telecommunications – a pivotal event both for the stay of young people and the flourishing of regional entrepreneurship.
Regional development takes place in terms of absolute respect for the environment, both natural and cultural. Our government supports the energy transformation, making the Greek region a producer of clean energy, friendly to the environment. At the same time, we protect and improve the cultural environment, as an indicator of quality of life.
A self-reliant government of the New Democracy will revitalize the Greek region, upgrading the income and quality of life of its residents.