“A vote for the KKE is a vote for genuine real opposition. With a strong KKE we can open a strong path of overthrow” said the general secretary of the KKE Central Committee Dimitris Koutsoubas, speaking in N. Monastiri of Domokos, addressing an invitation to the gathered “for an even stronger KKE in the elections of June 25, so that the seat of parliament is preserved in Fthiotida” as he said.

D. Koutsoumbas made a special reference to the agricultural issues of the region and the irrigation projects that have not been completed to add that “the people now, more than at other times, need a real, not fake, opposition. It does not need a coalition opposition because the ND government will escalate the anti-people attack from the very next day.”

The head of the Central Committee of the KKE also noted how “only the KKE can be a genuine popular opposition and take the lead in the struggles for every popular problem, such as the serious survival problems faced by the farmers of the Domokos area”.

He emphasized that the majority of the people now understand what the KKE was saying, namely that “the next government will definitely be anti-popular”, and added: “This cannot be changed now. But what can change now, is for the ND government to have as strong, consistent, unwavering opposition as possible, which only the KKE can do because it is not bound by the EU, NATO and the big interests of capital” .


Dimitris Koutsoumba, who is a candidate for parliament for Fthiotida, was accompanied by Kostas Basdekis, a member of the Central Committee of the KKE and a candidate for parliament, Andriana Bafoutsou, a candidate for parliament for Fthiotida, Antonis Alexos, regional councilor for Central Greece with the People’s Coalition and Christos Nianios and Thanasis Kaidatzis, municipal councilors of Domoko with the People’s Rally.

D. Koutsoubas continues his tour of villages in Domoko and the next stop is the village of Perivoli.