A post in which she attaches her entire statement seven years ago on the treatment of cancer in Greece was made by SYRIZA candidate for parliament, Athina Linou, after the reactions caused against the backdrop of the statements of Spyros Pneumatikos.

Mrs. Linou in her post states: “Because some people say that I have the same treatment in cancer matters as Mr. Pneumatikos, see for yourself here the entire interview I did as a doctor 7 years ago.

Many of us have experienced the difficult decision of how to support our loved one in their final moments. These decisions are not based on economic cost-benefit analyses, but are matters of human dignity and love.

That is why I said then that we must provide more support for both the patient and his relatives. Throughout my career, my approach to health issues has been based on the value of the person as a person.

If you want to know more about palliative care, or the rest of the SYRIZA programme, see below.’