The confrontation over the Rhodopes is getting even more intense and the interventions of the Turkish consulate between ND and SYRIZA against the background of Mr. Mitsotakis’ revelation that the president of SYRIZA had been informed about it, competently, by the EYP. Mr. Giorgos Tsipras, speaking earlier today to Sky and the show Today, went so far as to claim that the EYP operated as a criminal organization, while he accused from scratch Mrs. Dora Bakoyannis for blackmailing the minority.

In a discussion in excellent high tones by Stelio Pecha from the ND and the Andrea Spyropoulos from PASOK-KINAL. “We also had an EYP, but we didn’t use the EYP to monitor half of the political system, nor to dictate what is done and what is not done with ND politicians. Who said about a Turkish minority?” To the question of whether there had been an update from the EYP, Mr. Tsipras said that updates from the EYP, sometimes more and now much less, because the EYP became a ND party shop which watched over half of Greek society, has functioned as a criminal organization. Surveillance is a felony. A part of the EYP has functioned as a criminal organization.”