ND holds and increases its forces ahead of the June 25 elections. In the vote estimate gathers 41.4% against SYRIZA which shows a poll performance of 20.2%. Therefore the difference between them go to 21.2%.

The remaining parties gather: PASOK 11%, KKE 7.5%, HELLENIC SOLUTION 4.1%, PLESI ELFTHERIAS AND NIKI which with respective percentages of 3.9% and 3.3% enter the Parliament in this phase.

According to Opinion Poll for The Toc, so the image of a seven-party Parliament appears since MERA 25 with a performance of 2.8% does not seem to ensure its entry into Parliament. For the first time the SPARTATES appear with 1.5%, while 4.3% declare another party.

Based on these findings the ND secures the formation of an independent Government with 163 deputieswhile the other parties secure the following numbers of MPs: SYRIZA 55, PASOK 30, KKE 21, HELLENIC SOLUTION 11, PLESIS ELEFTHERIAS 11, NIKI 9.

The range of values ​​in the vote estimate for the parties is: N.D 38.6%- 44.2%, SYRIZA 18-22.4%, PASOK 9.2%- 12.8%, KKE 6.1%- 8.9%, HELLENIC SOLUTION 2.9%- 5.3%, FREEDOM SIDE 2.6%- 5.2%, VICTORY 2.3% – 4.3%, SPARTAN 0.9%- 2.1%, OTHER 3%-5.4%.

It is noted separately, that the price range matters a lot, since each value included in it for each party has the same probabilities. This practically means that several different scenarios are being formed as to how many parties will finally enter the Parliament. DAY 25 for example with a possible maximum price of 3.8% is not excluded to ensure its entry.

In Intention to vote (and intention to vote on the valid ones), the poll results are: ND 36.1% (37.7%), SYRIZA 17.6% (18.4%), PASOK 9.6% (10%), K.K.E 6.5% ( 6.8%) , GREEK SOLUTION 3.6% (3.8%), FREEDOM SAILING 3.4% (3.6%), VICTORY 2.9% (3%), DAY 25 2.4% ( 2.5%) SPARTANS 1.3% (1.4%), OTHER 3.7% ( ), WHITE/INVALID/ABSENT 4.3% (-) , undecided 8.6% (9%).

Some critical findings

The 49.6% of respondents answer that they would like the ND to form an independent Government. At the same time, 68.6% believe that the ND will be able to form an independent Government against 23.1% who have a different assessment.

The 38.6% prefers K. Mitsotakis as Prime Minister, 18.4% for Nobody and 14.4% for A. Tsipras. The other political leaders gather the following percentages of preferences: N. Androulakis 5.4%, D. Koutsoumbas 3.9%, Zoi Konstantopoulou 3.8%, K. Velopoulos 3.7%.

92.4% of the respondents participated in the last elections and 93.7% declare that they will participate or probably will participate. In other words, there is no element that highlights a desire to at least increase abstinence. However, the largest percentages who answer that they will participate or probably will participate are among the voters of the K.K.E with 98.4%, the N.D with 98.2% and the HELLENIC SOLUTION with 97.4%. It is lower in SYRIZA with 94.8% and PASOK with 92.9%.

83.7% say they are very and quite certain about their choice of vote in the first elections. The highest percentage of certainty appears in N.D with 94%, followed by HELLENIC SOLUTION with 92.1%, KKE with 90.3%, SYRIZA with 90.7% and PASOK with 85.9%, which is also the lowest percentage.

74.3% are thinking of voting for the same party while 15.4% declare that they will change it, with 10.3% not answering. The largest percentage of declarations of reconfirmation of the vote is found in the ND with 92.6%, followed by SYRIZA with 85.5%, KKE with 82.3%, PASOK and HELLENIKI SOLUTION with 73.7%.

The ones that will determine the vote according to the answers are the Economy with 24.4% and stability with 23.6%. They are followed by the need to change policy with 22.4%, the improvement of the personal situation with 11.2% and the face of the Prime Minister with 10.5%.

The election of a stable Government emerges as the most serious stake of the elections , self-reliance with 41.2%. They are followed by the entry of more parties into the Parliament with 35.5% and the limitation of the sovereignty of the ND with 19.4%.

59.7% answer that if an autonomous Government does not emerge, an effort should be made to form a cooperation Government, while 34% believe that we should go to new elections.

It is also worth noting that:

Based on the debate that took place and is taking place on the tax issue, 33.9% feel that who formulates more correct, comprehensive and fair positions is closer to the ND, 14.3% to SYRIZA, 6.8% to PASOK, 4.9% to K.K.E., 3.4% in GREEK SOLUTION, 2.2% in MERA 25, 1.5% in PLESI ELEFTHERIAS and 1.3% in NIKI. 11.1% state OTHER and 20.6% do not answer.

50.2% consider that if the elections are maintained with approximately the same result as that of the last elections, A. Tsipras should resign from the Presidency of SYRIZA. However, among SYRIZA voters, 23.1% agree with this position, while 73.4% disagree.

41.6% state that they would like PASOK to emerge as the second party against a 22.4% that SYRIZA would like. However, 70.8% believe that SYRIZA will emerge as the second party compared to 16.4% who believe that PASOK will emerge as the second party.

For the profile of undecideds

Of those who answered, the largest percentages of undecideds they seem to come from the other party by 17.4%, PASOK by 14.4%, N.D by 12.6%, Hellenic Solution by 7.8% and SYRIZA by 7.5%.

Given that 48.8% did not answer the relevant question, 12.5% ​​of the undecided state that they are closer to ND to vote for it, 12% to PASOK, 7% to SYRIZA, 5.1% to HELLENIC SOLUTION etc.

In the research issue there are all the additional analyzes based on and all the demographics that make up the profile of the undecideds.