We have the biggest wreck in modern Greek history. The last thing we have to do is try to find funny excuses”, said Mr Alexis Tsipras in an interview with Alpha’s main news bulletin.

He noted that the harbor boats were there and yet the ship sank and noted that “to say that they did not ask for help, that international law does not exist, that an operation cannot be carried out in international waters, and then to say that an operation was carried out… Instead of these contradictions I I would prefer one thing, to hear an apology». He commented that he doesn’t care what the ND says “because it’s full of Crickets on its ballots, in its politics, in its immigration policy”.

“I’m not looking for responsibilities, I’m saying how things are, that for 4 years the country has been moving in another line of business than the one we had”, he emphasized. “I consider that human value has priority, I don’t look at the political cost, I defend values”, emphasized Mr. Tsipras. He noted that under the SYRIZA government, refugees and immigrants were saved from danger. He added that for 4 years “he has followed a policy at sea that puts human lives at risk”, to underline that “and the EU has a huge responsibility in this”.

The president of SYRIZA PS emphasized that we must realize that Europe is moving in the wrong direction.” He noted that “definitely it must be our priority to guard our borders, at the same time our values ​​and international law require us to give priority to saving life. If we do one without the other we get nowhere, we have to do both at the same time. And guarding the borders and saving human life.” He said that there must be legal entry gates so that if international law and the right of each refugee are exercised, they can request asylum and if judged accordingly they can pass and at the same time that Dublin 2 must be revised because not all can the burden to fall on the host countries. A new migration and asylum pact is neededhe emphasized.

To the question of whether the President of the Republic has the right to visit Kalamata and the rescue operations and the rescued, Mr. Tsipras replied that “obviously she has the right” and indeed that it was her obligation to be there. “If we get to the point in a society that we believe that young people have no right and no obligation to criticize the government then this country will not have a pulse. I think it was a healthy incident, just as healthy was the reaction of the PtD who went and talked to them”, he commented.

He added that the reaction of young people to criticize the government, not only the president, but also him and everyone, is a healthy reaction. “There was no predation, there was a discussion, and an answer in a nice way even from the PtD”.