By Antonis Anzoletou

The political leaders reached the last turn before the second polls and seven days remain for their tours and appearances with which they will close the pre-election period. They are the most critical, according to the “pollsters” of the parties, since in the May 21 contest those who decided almost inside the screen the ballot they will choose reached about 20%.

From New Democracy it is clear that from the first moment the Kyriakos Mitsotakis had rung a “bell” against complacency. The self-reliance he will receive wishes to be strong and for this reason the mechanism did not relax at any moment. Even in the last week, the leader of the blue faction will continue to include in his program speeches in cafes, but also walks in order not to lose contact with the world.

Today he will be found in Gytheio and Sparta, which is considered the “bedside” of the popular Right, since, as in Northern Greece, he has been under pressure in the May 21 polls. The final leg includes a visit on Monday to Patras, followed by Amfilochia, Philippiada and the last stop, Ioannina. Tuesday and Wednesday the president of New Democracy will visit Halkidiki and Thessaloniki.

On Thursday he will be in Western Athens and his keynote speech on Friday will be held in Syntagma Square. Tomorrow at 11 am, Kyriakos Mitsotakis will hold the cross-channel press conference that New Democracy is entitled to.

Without putting a “brake” and Alexis Tsipras will initially be found today in Imathia. From SYRIZA, they are still targeting Northern Greece, especially in areas where the “blue faction”, despite its victory, saw its forces fall. In the afternoon he will be in Pella. In both districts, New Democracy lost one unit and one seat compared to 2019. On Sunday at two in the afternoon, the cross-channel press conference of Alexis Tsipras will take place and then the final stretch begins for SYRIZA. On Monday, June 19, he will speak in Ioannina.

On Tuesday, after touring Chania in the morning in order to talk with workers, shopkeepers and institutions of the city, he will go to Heraklion. The difference with the previous encounter is that he will address a speech in Patras on Wednesday, in Athens on Thursday and the pre-election period will be closed from Thessaloniki.

THE Nikos Androulakis he has planned to visit Thessaloniki on Monday, Patras on Tuesday, on Wednesday, as in the previous elections, he will speak in Thisio and close his election campaign on Friday in Heraklion. In the city where he grew up he will also tour today and tomorrow. Dimitris Koutsoubas, who will speak in Peristeri this evening, also has a heavy schedule.

On Sunday, he will be present at an event with the theme: “Free spaces open to the people, closed to business interests”, in Panetolio, Nea Ionia. The secretary of the Central Committee of the KKE will be on Monday in Patras, on Wednesday at Syntagma, on Thursday in Lamia and Friday in Thessaloniki.From Tuesday to Friday Kyriakos Velopoulos will be in Athens.