“Tomorrow morning, together with the Governor of Mount Athos, I will visit the Mount. I want to get a blessing, I want to pray. Next week we have a very crucial election contest and we need spiritual strength. Those who truly love and respect Mount Athos do not involve it in party disputes. Mount Athos does not belong to the voter of one or the other party. Mount Athos unites all the Orthodox from all over the world and all the Greeks. To involve Mount Athos in the political dispute means that we do not understand what Mount Athos is and we do not respect it”, said Adonis, the ND parliamentary candidate and former Minister of Development and Investments, to SKAI and the show “Morning” with Giorgos Autias Georgiadis.

“I am not going to involve Mount Athos in any party controversy. I go as a faithful Christian to worship, to see my favorite Monasteries, to talk with elders, who have great wisdom, and to receive their blessing for the difficult days ahead. If you want to get a blessing for the elections, you can’t do it after, you go before the elections. It is not the first time I go to Mount Athos. I have helped them many times from the positions that God called me to have. It is a jewel of Orthodoxy and our church and we must leave it out of the partisan controversy. Those who involve it in party strife neither love it nor respect it nor believe it. Anyone who tries to steal Mount Athos for party purposes is not really an Orthodox Christian,” he added.

Referring to immigration policy, Mr. Georgiadis underlined that “since 2015, more than 800 thousand illegal immigrants have passed through Greece. In 2015 in Greece, during the prime ministership of Alexis Tsipras, 731 people drowned and he emphasized that Al. Tsipras, in order to implement the policy of open borders in 2015, led immigrants to live in the most inhumane conditions and destroyed Mytilini, Chios, Samos, Kos and led the societies to poverty, drove away tourism”.

Georgiadis: I don’t give away humanitarianism on the left.

“I don’t give a damn about humanity on the left. We guard the borders because our country must have borders. The question is which policy is appropriate for the good of all. Let the crocodile tears. The immigration policy of 2015 also led to many deaths. Mr. Tsipras can’t claim to be proud of 731 dead and pretend to be a humanitarian,” added Mr. Georgiadis, stressing: “I am saddened because I expected that SYRIZA would change tactics after the results of the May 21 elections. Yesterday, Mr. Tsipras spoke about the Turkish minority. When you talk about national issues, it is better to correct it than to give the Turks the opportunity to celebrate that the former Greek prime minister was talking about the Turkish minority.”

Finally, in the market pass, Mr. Georgiadis pointed out that “all the measures we took to fight accuracy are working, as long as accuracy persists they should continue. And the new government with the worthy Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will have this as the first priority”.