The president of SYRIZA met with the mother and sister of 23-year-old Ifigenia, who lost her life in the train accident in Tempe, and her little niece, who took the name of Ifigenia, was also present at the meeting.

“We see a cover-up regarding the accident, we want justice, help,” Iphigenia’s mother told Mr Tsipras, and the SYRIZA president remarked that “those who don’t hurt quickly forget.”

Alexis Tsipras’ dialogue with Iphigenia’s mother:

A. Tsipras: Unfortunately, there is a weak memory. And those who don’t hurt, quickly forget.

Mother: They don’t even say that. They don’t even pronounce the word (Tempe).

A. Tsipras: No, that was banned. It’s a forbidden word.

Mother: I know, I feel it.

A. Tsipras: I want to assure you that we are monitoring the judicial development. It is important, for all people in this country, that there be justice for what happened to your child and other children.