Speaking to the local radio station of Chania, Zarpa Radio, the president of SYRIZA-PS, Alexis Tsipras, spoke of the “conclusive conclusion” of the judicial experts regarding the accident in Tempi.

As he said, the said finding “destroys the arguments” of the government about the “individual responsibility” of the station master and “demonstrates very significant responsibilities” regarding the non-existence of the remote control and the radio communication system which, while it was installed, did not work.

“We are facing a total cover-up operation,” he stressed, adding that justice must be served because “it’s not just about the children who went missing,” but “by concealing the responsibilities of the state and the government” for the tragedy, “we are essentially preparing the next tragedy”. He commented, however, that it is “comforting” that “there is still a pulse in what we call Greek Justice and the dark veil of cover-up has not covered everything”.

As for her topic Western Thrace, Mr. Tsipras spoke of a “trap” that Kyriakos Mitsotakis went to set for him, but he “fell into it himself”, with the revelation that a blue-collar member of parliament was also included in the EYP document. He also described Mr. Mitsotakis as “ruthless” and “irresponsible”, accusing him of having “instrumentalized” the EYP and, on the other hand, of putting a “sensitive issue in the pre-election arena” in order to exploit it “communicatively”.

As he added, this action “also shows how he will govern the next day”, warning of practices of “fear and intimidation” in every “social group that resists”. He noted that this is why the association of May 21 needs to change and a “strong voice” of the official opposition of SYRIZA-PS is necessary in order not to have an “uncontrollable Mitsotakis regime”.

“Mr. Mitsotakis started his political career wanting to look like Macron, as a liberal politician and he tends to become an image of Orbán,” he said characteristically, referring to practices such as surveillance and control of the media that he was “jealous of” and the Hungarian Prime Minister.

Continuing, Al. Tsipras expressed his displeasure at the criticism he has received in the public debate as a “national exception” on the subject of the Pylos wreck, noting that he cannot not ask “questions”. He reminded that the country has already been sentenced for Farmakonisi in 2014 and is at risk of another “serious penalty” and “rescinia”, while he reiterated that the responsibility does not lie with the people of the Coast Guard, but the leadership because it seems that in the “operational direction” which gave “human life was not a priority”. He simply asked the authorities to “disprove” any accusations by publishing the data from the thermal capes that the port guards are obliged to operate.

In this context, he called on the democratic and progressive citizens to reflect on the “plan” of K. Mitsotakis, which is not “victory” but the “possibility of being uncontrollable the next day”. “This shows the arrogance, this shows the arrogance, this shows the authoritarianism,” he characteristically said, adding that the “strengthening of SYRIZA” is not “only about SYRIZA, it is about society as well as democracy and how stable and healthy political we will have a system”.

Asked about the issue of the northern road axis of Crete, he commented that it is like the “Arta bridge” and that “after three years of searching, they returned to the same point where SYRIZA had left it in 2019, with the addition of tolls”.

Responding to a related question, the president of SYRIZA-PS also expressed his “concern” about the course of Tourism this year, noting that “we are not doing well and this has to do with the fact that the country has become too expensive” and emphasizing the need to have an alternative tourism plan that does not only have to do with arrivals. He also referred to AirBnB, referring to the “radical proposal” submitted by SYRIZA for the regulation of why, as he said, it raises the prices significantly for those interested in renting houses and also constitutes “unfair competition” for tourism businesses.

Specifically for students, he commented that the previous government’s policy of cheap mortgages to young people will lead to “our creation of a new generation of non-performing loans” and will resemble the US model of over-indebted students in order to study. Besides, he emphasized that it also serves the government’s general planning for the promotion of students in colleges in the context of the “neoliberal concept” for the expansion of the market in all sectors, such as in Health.

“Here two plans of governance and power collide. One plan has as its core the human being and the regulation of the state to form conditions for the protection of social rights and the other plan has as its core profits and losses and less presence of the state, more presence of the private sector and the expansion of speculation.” concluded.