“What is missing from the ND reports on the Pylos tragedy is the search for the truth”said Secretary of the Central Committee of SYRIZA PS, Rania Svigouspeaking to “Sky”, noting that “from the beginning of this fatal wreck, there are unanswered questions, while the political leadership of the Ministry of Shipping, with its official statements, has fallen into many contradictions”.

He blamed the ND that “attempts to obscure, or criminalize the very wording of the questions”, which “raises even more questions.” “It is not possible,” he stressed, “in a democracy when the opposition, any political party, when journalists ask specific questions, these not only remain unanswered, but also for the ND to tell us that anyone who asks them is a national exception and does harm in the country”. He referred to a series of “unanswered questions” about the wreck, such as “whether or not there was a precautionary rescue operation after all”why “while there was food and water, no life jackets were provided”. “These are issues raised by the international press, the New York Times and the BBC, the international community and international organizations,” he pointed out. Underline how “when we have hundreds of innocent souls, when we have mothers with babies who have lost their lives so unjustly, should, out of respect for these people, ND should have the same anxiety to have these questions answeredand not to blame whoever poses them”.

Mrs. Svigou argued that “the policy followed by the ND and the European Union produces such tragedies, like this very dead shipwreck”, and spoke of “given responsibilities of the EU, which turns a blind eye to this situation”, as “as long as there is no change in EU policy, in the direction of a fair sharing of responsibilities between its member states , with permanent resettlement and relocation mechanisms, as long as our country plays the role of jailer in a fortress Europe, and as long as we do not answer for what happened, the only thing certain is that we will be led to new tragedies”.

The secretary of the Central Committee of SYRIZA PS asked about the “attempt of political speculation by the ND” with the Muslim minority in Western Thracesaid that “what is demonstrated is how ruthless, nationally irresponsible and dangerous Kyriakos Mitsotakis is”. “He does not hesitate, a few days after the elections, to give a document of the EYP in which his own candidate for parliament, Mr. Katrantzi, is described as enlisted in Ankara’s plans. And while he knows this, he targets the SYRIZA MP candidates and sends Mrs. Bakoyannis to blackmail and target Muslim citizens,” he added. Comment that “This pre-election confrontation is not worth it in our countrywith a ND which in such an irresponsible and dangerous way deals with critical national issues”, adding that “at this moment the Turkish propaganda is rubbing its hands”.