Huge and obvious questions about the impartiality of all investigative actions that have been carried out to date in the Qatargate case are being discussed by the advocates of Eva Kaili after the publication of the newspaper Le Soir and the resignation of investigator Michel Clez.

It is noted that the son of the investigator Claes and the son of the MEP Marie Arena, whose name is mentioned in the Qatargate case file, proceeded to set up a company in 2018, reports Le Soir, adding that his lawyer Marc Tarabella denounced it on Monday, afternoon. “It was a potential conflict of interest who overthrew the investigator Michel Clez in the Qatargate case” it is emphasized.

The announcement of Mr. Sv. Marie and M. Dimitrakopoulou:

“Investigator Michel Clez had a legal obligation to inform the competent bodies of Justice about the joint activities of his son with the son of Marie Arena and then to refrain from handling the present case because there are obvious reasons justifying the exception Eva Kaili’s advocates, Michalis Ditrakopoulos and Sven Marie, state in their statement.

They add that “from the beginning of this case it was obvious that MEP Marie Arena was at the center of the investigations carried out by the competent authorities. On the contrary, the same Authorities reported that there is no sign of involvement in the organization for MEP Eva Kaili. That is, according to the investigative authorities, Marie Arena was identified as one of the possibly involved members of the European Parliament in the corruption scandal.”

“It made us wonder that Marie Arena was never questioned by the investigator of the case, Michel Clez. With painful surprise we were informed that the son of the investigator and the son of Marie Arena are involved in a medical cannabis company! This information, which has not been refuted, raises huge and obvious questions about the impartiality of all the investigative actions that have been carried out to date and have as a result the pre-trial detention of Eva Kaili and the targeting of the investigations mainly against her, while the procedures for timely substantial investigation of Maria Arena, despite the fact that the authorities’ investigation linked her to Pancheri” they point out.

“It should be investigated by the Federal Prosecutor if there are willful omissions in the investigation regarding the possible involvement of others in the pending case. Justice must maintain its prestige and credibility.”