By Antonis Anzoletou

The legendary Pele used to say that “if you’re first, you’re first. If you are second, you are nothing».

The “wizard of the ball” described in terms of fierce competition how important victory is to him.

His saying may not describe the spirit of sports, however, on a political level, it finds absolute application in the unifederal regions.

In the recent elections there were no longer seven, but nine due to the new population census. The former two-way Thesprotia and Kastoria were added.

What does this mean; The blue faction prevailed against SYRIZA by writing a big score: “9-0”.

The parties in power always turn their gaze to the unicameral ones, as it is a matter of prestige to prevail. And the search for the winning candidate is also a difficult task.

The monohedrals, as in 2019, were painted blue and New Democracy claims that this color will not change in the specific areas on the evening of June 25.

There are three regions where the “blue faction” may have prevailed but saw a drop in its percentages.

In Evrytania and Kastoria it fell 3.5 points, and in Lefkada it lost almost 2%. In all three cases, however, he has achieved almost a double score from SYRIZA and does not appear to be threatened.

The smallest difference in single-seat regions between ND and SYRIZA was recorded in Kefalonia, receiving 36.67% and 26.08% respectively. The biggest distance between the two parties was in Fokida (46.23% – 19.31%).

In Zakynthos, almost the nationwide percentage was recorded with ND taking 40.96% and SYRIZA 20.90%. PASOK in a single party had its best performance in Thesprotia with 14.77% (ND 42.66% – SYRIZA 22.67%) and the KKE in Samos with 16.52% (ND 36.52% – SYRIZA 17.59 %). On the island of the Eastern Aegean, SYRIZA recorded its lowest percentage in the unicameral elections. In Grevena only four parties crossed the 3% threshold (ND 44.31% – SYRIZA 21.85% – PASOK 12.97% – KKE 6.88%).

In the most particular elements of the mono-seated parties, there was a change of guard for the ND in Evrytania, where Thomais Oikonomou took the seat instead of Konstantinos Kontogeorgos, and in Kastoria Maria Antoniou instead of Zisis Tzikalaya. Pleusi Eleftherias recorded an upward trend with a typical case of the doubling of its percentages in Kefalonia (3.53%) and Lefkada (2.13%). In Evrytania, NIKI was particularly high (3.21%), but also in Kastoria it was recorded at 3.91%.

Kyriakos Mitsotakis wants to consolidate his primacy by widening the gap where it is possible and Alexis Tsipras can see that the party’s new message and the programmatic profile he proposed have reached the smallest regions of the country.