“We are all here again, and even more, present and present at the democratic invitation to the fight to defend principles and values, to fight the battle of overthrow”, for the benefit of the social majority, stressed Alexis Tsipras from Syntagma Square .

The president of SYRIZA PS said that Sunday’s elections will not just decide the winner and the loser, but “who and with what program will govern the country in the next four years, how and with what force will the social and political resistances be organized, the next four years”, “they will judge in which Greece we want our children to live”.

Watch live the speech of Alexis Tsipras from the center of Athens:

He argued that “there are only two alternative plans of power and governance that are competing”, two different visions for Greece. That of SYRIZA for “a Greece with a fair society and prosperity for all”, a country, a society and an economy, of democracy and justice, with fewer inequalities, a fair distribution of the wealth produced, access for all to medical care, a strong social state, strong institutions, better wages, “where small and medium-sized entrepreneurs will not be taxed to enrich the oligarchy”, housing policy, support for farmers.

On the other hand is the ND plan which, as Mr. Tsipras said, prioritizes profits and deifies the market, shrinks the role of the state, calculates more profits and losses, but not human lives. He spoke of a plan that wants to bring growth through tax breaks for the powerful and reduction of labor costs, withdrawal of the State from critical sectors to give space to profit-making funds, an unsustainable development doomed to reproduce crises and widening inequalities.

He accused ND of “trying to hide these aspects of their plan”, of “announcing commitments that they will not implement, while hiding others that they will implement”, because “its true government program is the one that two months ago Mr. .Mitsotakis in Brussels as a Stability Program”, which “does not include any of his pre-election announcements” – “the announcements of Mr. Mitsotakis are a fraud, empty air”. He said that on the contrary, it foresees reductions in public expenditure for hospitals, schools, the salary of civil servants, does not envisage a real increase in the average salary, nor new recruitments in the NHS and the State, but only replacements of those who leave.