Greek voters go to the polls today to exercise their right to vote and to elect the new government and the 300 members of the new Parliament.

Citizens who turn 17 within 2023 have the right to vote. Based on the electoral rolls, the strength of the electoral body is 9,813,595 Greek citizens of which 4,763,264 are men and 5,050,331 are women.

The polls close at 19:00 and the votes are counted. After the completion of the procedure, each judicial representative transmits the result of his electoral division directly to the Ministry of the Interior via a tablet device. In this way, the times of the first safe and the final result, as well as of the crossover, are significantly reduced. According to experts’ estimates, an image for more than 10% of the territory will be available by 20:30, while by 22:00 it is expected that 80% – 90% of the election results nationwide will have been integrated.

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