“It is not a simple duty, but a constitutional obligation the defense of Greece’s sovereignty and sovereign rights. At a critical juncture Greece has an obligation to respond to the challenges of the times, to confidently consolidate its position in the international environment as a factor of security and stability. To have a say and a role in the developments that concern her”.

This was emphasized, among other things, by the new minister National Defense Nikos Dendias according to handover ceremony at the Ministry of National Defense.

Underline “the fixed Greek position that Greece seeks a harmonious relationship with neighboring countries” and “historically holds an olive branch, seeks peaceful coexistence with every peoplebut at the same time, he maintains a sword of justice, not allowing anyone to encroach on our territorial integrityour sovereignty, our sovereign rights”.

“We hope for a sincere relationship with the countries of our wider region and the whole world, with particular importance to the countries with which we maintain allied positions,” he added.

“As it specifically concerns neighboring Turkey, it would be good to take advantage of the improvement in the climate between us in recent months for the benefit of our peoples. In this direction I expect that actions that will change this climate will be avoided as much as possible and will lead to regression, to situations of the not too distant past. Both countries can only benefit from the consolidation of a positive climate in our relationship” he pointed out.

He pledged to carry out his duties “seeking the maximum possible consensus, the maximum possible concord in matters of National Defense. In this key area for our national existence, there is no place for party conflicts and small party expediencies are not allowed”.

He did not fail to thank his predecessor Alcibiades Stefanis and the previous minister Nikos Panagiotopoulos as well as the leadership of the Armed Forces for their work.

For his part, the outgoing minister Alcibiades Stefanis he thanked those who trusted him while emphasizing, among other things, that he took over the ministry at an excellent level and during this period the vision of his mission was maintained.

“It is a great pleasure to hand over to a person who has been through this post before and for four years he dealt with the second pillar of national security, that of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs” added Alcibiades Stefanis.

THE General Konstantinos Floros, head of the GETHA in turn, after thanking the outgoing minister, he welcomed Nikos Dendias and wished him every success in his high mission.