The race to find the person who will succeed Alexis Tsipras in the leadership of the party after his resignation has started and some names have already fallen on the table.

Efi Ahtsioglou

Efi Ahtsioglou is considered by many to be the biggest favorite for the succession. According to SKAI’s report in the main news bulletin, Mrs. Ahtsioglou has left a positive mark both as Minister of Labor and as Head of Finance. It is a fresh and dynamic face that remains indestructible.

Alexis Haritsis

Alexis Haritsis is also one of the leading names for the succession. He has left positive impressions both as Head of Development, but also for the way he handled the NSRF.

In fact, according to information from SKAI, both Mr. Haritsis and Mrs. Ahtsioglou are considered by someone to be the future for the SYRIZA party and for this reason it was suggested at some point to Alexis Tsipras to place them on the European ballot.


Euclid Tsakalotos

The former finance minister, Euclid Tsakalotos, is also considered a possible person for the leadership of the party. The left wing of SYRIZA wanted a face of its own against Alexis Tsipras. However, it now remains to be decided whether he will indeed enter the succession race after the resignation of Alexis Tripras. The decision is expected to be made next Saturday when the left wing meets.


Rena Douro

The former governor of Attica is also one of the possible names for the leadership. In fact, Mrs. Dourou had come second in votes at last year’s party conference, behind Efi Ahtsioglou.


Dionysis Teboneras

The 42-year-old labor expert Dionysis Teboneras is also one of the persons who are being discussed strongly, although he himself has not expressed himself. However, between the two election battles, on May 21 and June 25, he was the face that SYRIZA showed.


Pavlos Polakis

Pavlos Polakis is also a possible person for the leadership, although it is not excluded that he will cause reactions,


The developments in the organs of SYRIZA

However, there are also many internal procedures that are required from now on in the party until the election of the leadership.

After the announcement of Alexis Tsipras that he will not be head of the parliamentary group, the next step is for the party to elect someone temporary, a process that is likely to take place next Monday. Olga Gerovasili is one of the possible persons to be the leader, however, whoever is elected now will not be able to be a candidate for the presidency of the party.

At the same time, the political secretariat of SYRIZA is expected to meet next Saturday, while the Central Committee is expected to meet next week or in 10 days.
However, it remains unknown when the party conference will take place where the new leadership will be elected. According to information, the party wants the procedures for electing a president to be held by July and the conference which requires a long process to be held later.