SYRIZA MP Kilkis spoke to SKAI 100.3 and Aris Portosalte in favor of the dialogue on the revision of Article 16 on the establishment of non-profit universities, with the support of public universities. Petros Pappas.

“I think it’s a conversation which must be doneit must be done of course on the basis of public university supportafter all, the rewording of article 16 must be such as to ensure the quality of public universities (…) It is a discussion that, in my opinion, SYRIZA-PS must have in the context of global reality. We are the only ones perhaps, or of the few Western countries, that do not have non-profit universities” said the SYRIZA MP.

“SYRIZA seeks to express the middle, small and medium strata. The establishment of non-profit universities will relieve these social classes from the weight of the tuition fees they give to Balkan countries and it will also possibly reduce para-education, when someone has the possibility to choose a Higher Institution, not so much money will be given to para-education” emphasized Mr. Pappas.

As he pointed out, “it is a discussion that the new SYRIZA must have, precisely because it represents or aspires to represent these people, who are forced to find ways out in the Balkan countries, and finally these degrees are recognized by Greece. I think I should to stop having this hypocritical attitude. This is of course my personal opinion, but also a hope…” noted Petros Pappas.