The meeting he had is over the Minister of State Akis Skertsos with the liners represented by the president of the Association of Passenger Shipping Companies, Spyros Paschalis.

According to information, a constructive discussion took place in the meeting which lasted for more than an hour, where data and figures were presented. The government officials, respecting the business autonomy and the special characteristics of the Greek shipping market, asked the shipping companies to exhaust the possibilities they have for better prices on the main “trunk” itineraries, taking into account the needs and financial possibilities of the average Greek family.

From the government’s point of view, the issue was raised that despite the significant drop in fuel prices, this drop has not been reflected in ticket prices.

At first the representatives of the shipping companies responded and promised to come back within the week and specifically by Thursday with specific proposals for more competitive discount packages to specific passenger groups and specific high-demand routes.

Earlier, a meeting was held between government officials at the Maximos Palace, in order to determine the line that the government echelon will follow in the meeting with the coastguards.