“For the mounted police I thought perhaps we should ask for camels. It’s an interesting idea. It was something that was in the planning of the ministry as an afterthought. I decided that at the present time we do not need it. University police are not being abolished. The minister didn’t say that either. What is the issue we had to deal with? That there was a problem of violence and lawlessness in universities. We dealt with it with many bold moves by putting the police themselves inside the universities and as a result today the situation is much better. In the plan, the university police work in an auxiliary capacity together with the rectors. From the beginning, the university police functioned as an auxiliary,” he told SKAI Prime Minister, Kyriakos Mitsotakis.

He added: “If they will still have a presence in universities, the answer is yes.” To what extent, we assess it. It was difficult for us to implement this institution, but we are not backing down, so that we have security in the universities. THE university police it has de facto limitations on what it can do and is therefore ancillary. This is how the institution of the university police works abroad. It is complementary. Let’s hope that soon we will reach the point where there will be no reason to have this discussion.”

Mr Mitsotakis said he has confidence in his ministers. “Mr. Mitarakis did an excellent job in the ministry he was and will continue to do now.”

The prime minister also said that the general secretaries are appointed by him and he is satisfied with the choices that had been made, while some were promoted to become deputy ministers even though they came from the civil service. “We have already passed a law on how administrations are chosen in the wider state machine. We want a process that sets objective criteria and a interview, so that the right person is chosen for the right position. My issue is getting the job done. We didn’t get 41% because we inconvenienced people,” he added.