Lawyer of Alki’s family: “If he was out, they would soon do the same”


The statements of her lawyer are shocking of Alki’s family. THE Giannis Pourtsidis speaking to Metropolis, he described the punishments for the murder of the 19-year-old as severe but absolutely fair, stressing that they never showed signs of remorse for their act and proceeded to assess that if the 12 were still out of prison then they would have done “the same thing again”.

“The sentences are very severe but absolutely fair based on the crime where it was committed. People must also understand that the criminal code imposes a penalty, depending on the crime. When the defendants who have received life imprisonment, have received additional sentences then the convicted person is obliged to sit for 25 years in prison. In other words, they will sit inside until 2047”said Yiannis Pourtsidis who continued:

“Without the additional sentences, it is 18 years without the time served. Daily wages and double days are active modes but are not taken in the case of life imprisonment. When they have other sentences that exceed 20 years, in this case it is 20. He will be in prison for 20 years. The difference is that he can get out if he serves 3/5 of his sentence, i.e. at 14 years”he emphasized and continued commenting on the fact that the convicted never showed any remorse for their act…

“Not for a second and not in the least did they regret it. I can discern who is truly repentant. The prosecutor also ruled this. If they were out now, in a very short time they would do the same again.” concluded.

Source: Sport Fm

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