Foreign Minister Giorgos Gerapetritis, who accompanied the prime minister to the NATO Summit in Vilnius, made a series of contacts with his counterparts, as diplomatic sources say.

In particular, Mr. Gerapetritis, on the sidelines of the Synod, had meetings with foreign ministers of European countries, namely Estonia, Spain (EU Presidency), the Netherlands and Great Britain.

In this context, as stated by the same sources, three issues were basically examined:

1) “the situation in Ukraine and the need to plan the reconstruction of the country, as well as the formation of the security architecture in Europe in the aftermath of the end of the conflicts”. In this context, it is stated, “a reference was made to the position of principle that our country maintains with the basic idea of ​​respecting the sovereignty, territorial integrity and independence of all countries”.

2) “immigrant-refugee, where the European/regional dimension of the issue was emphasized”

3) “relations with Turkey, in the light of recent developments”.

At the same time, Mr. Gerapetritis met with his counterparts from North Macedonia, Georgia and Moldova. “The common denominator was the support of the European perspective of these countries, always keeping in mind the respect for the criteria of sectarianism. Especially with regard to North Macedonia, there was an overview of bilateral relations with an emphasis on the full, stable and good faith implementation of the Prespa Agreement”, as diplomatic sources point out.

Finally, the foreign minister had the opportunity to have brief meetings with a number of NATO counterparts, including Turkey, Croatia, France and Portugal.