“The extreme weather conditions of these days do not allow any negligence. Negligence is when you burn dry leaves, have a barbecue, throw your cigarette on the street, smoke beehives. You can’t show such criminal, if you want, indifference to your fellow citizens, society, your neighbors, citizens, nature and people’s properties”, emphasized the Minister of Climate Crisis and Civil Protection Vassilis Kikilias.

Mr. Kikilias underlined that the very high temperatures – which will not subside easily -, the reduction of drought rates and the heat-dried saplings and plants, combined with the meltemias coming from Sunday, constitute the absolute an indication of the occurrence of fires, and added that both citizens and the bodies involved (Municipalities, Regions) must show maximum responsibility.

He also noted that the Civil Protection and the Fire Brigade are alert and the aerial means are more compared to previous years, however when the phenomena are so extreme, nothing is enough. In fact, he cited Canada as an example, which, while it has large forces and state-of-the-art firefighting equipment, the fires have been raging uncontrollably for three months, burning huge areas from one end of the country to the other.

Speaking to ANT1, the Minister praised the work of the firefighters, stressing: “You know, the word “firefighter” is wrong. In English it is “firefighter”. People are fighters, they are every day on the razor’s edge and they risk their lives for us. This is how I want society to embrace them, this is how I want them to be welcomed and facilitated by everyone. The mayors, the vice-mayors, the deputy governors, the citizens. It’s not just the Fire Brigade, it’s also the Armed Forces and the Greek Police. There are also mixed patrols.”

Regarding the university police, Mr. Kikilias stated that he is in favor of its operation, saying: “I believe that it is a commitment of our government that must be implemented. And rightly says the Prime Minister that we are working out the best possible way in which it can be implemented and have measurable results.

“I cannot think that we will continue to send our children to Greek universities and these children, instead of their concern being how to equip themselves with the best possible studies and knowledge so that they can have a job, will be at risk of abuse evidence, from people in criminal activities and from any hapless person who can enter and leave Greek universities without any control. If you ask me if there should be a university police, I tell you directly that yes, there should be” said V. Kikilias.