Completed a few minutes ago examination of the appeal of the mayor of Chimara Fredis Beleris through which he requested his release from prison with restrictive measures.

The decision of the Albanian judiciary was once again negative, as the judge rejected the appeal and decided not to change the pre-trial detention measure.

Today, Fredis Beleris himself was present in the courtroom as well as the Ambassador of Greece in Tirana, Mrs. Konstantina Kamitsi.

Now the mayor of Himara is spending 62 days in prison on the non-existent charge of complicity in buying votes.

Beleris’ lawyers, as in every appeal they have filed to date, asked for his release from prison as long as he attends the police station, a development that would also break the Gordian bond of his swearing in as mayor, but all appeals run into the hollow argument of the judges that there is a risk of him fleeing the country.

As it has become known, the next legal moves of Beleris will continue in the highest court of Albania.