“We started the work of the KE with camaraderie, with unity in order to open the process for the next day. It is a process that will be arduous and persistent, but it will be highly refreshing and productive in order to bring SYRIZA PS back into government positions of responsibility,” stressed Dionysis Teboneras in his statements in front of the television cameras, after his position in the closed meeting of the KE.

“Beyond that,” he continued, “we stand by our principles and our values, which is why we say the procedures should to be postponed until after the municipal elections in order for a presidential election to occur and to stick to what we have traditionally known on the left, that ultimately policies should be the ones that define the persons, and not the persons the policies”.

To the question of whether he is thinking of being a candidate if the procedures go after the municipal elections, Mr. Teboneras replied that “if we succeed and hold a grassroots conference, which will have massive participation for all members and everyone will participate democratically, then I am sure that the political conclusions and the political framework that will emerge will be the ones that will show us those persons who can serve it. Of course, everything is open there.”